February 28 2020

Week of 03.02.20

Dear Westlake Parents and Guardians:

This past week was an awesome week of music concerts!  Our students displayed their performance skills in orchestra, band, and choir and demonstrated how much they’ve grown in their musical accomplishments.  It is always a wonderful experience to hear students at the beginning of the year just learning to play an instrument or use their voice along with their classmates to make harmony and then hear them again about two-thirds through the year.  I’m always blown away by how much change there is and the accomplishments our students make.

Thank you for the gift of your children!  We are so grateful at Westlake to be a part of the lives of your children and your families.  We are thankful for our school community!

CMAS State Testing FAQ

CMAS testing is right around the corner on April 2, 3, and 6.  Please take a moment to click HERE to access a FAQ page regarding our state standardized testing. If you have any questions please call the school at 720.972.5200.

Upcoming Events

Click on each day to reveal the upcoming events.


  • 6th Grade Registration
  • Drama Club @ 3:45pm
  • Coding Club @ 3:45pm
  • Girl Power Club @ 3:45pm
  • Intramural Flag Football @ 3:45pm
  • Newspaper Club @ 3:45pm
  • Student Council Meeting @ 3:45pm


  • Mandarin Club @ 7:45pm
  • Intramural Flag Football@ 3:45pm
  • Math Counts @ 3:45pm
  • WEB Leader Meeting @4pm
  • Washington DC Pre-Departure Meeting @ 5:30pm
  • Early Release Day
  • 7th Grade Jazz Band @ 7:30am
  • Intramural Flag Football @ 7:45am
  • Art Club 7:45am
  • Battle of the Books @ lunch time


  • Creative Writing Club @ 7:30am
  • GSA @ 3:45pm
  • Disc Golf Club @ 3:45pm
  • Love and Logic Class in Spanish @  6pm


  • 8th Grade Jazz Band @ 7:30am
  • NJHS Mandatory Meeting@ 3:45pm



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