February 21 2020

Week of 02.24.20

Westlake Parents and Guardians:

I was recently doing some reading about leadership and found an interesting TedTalk on the topic of self-leadership.  The idea is similar to the concept of putting one’s oxygen mask on before helping someone else with their’s in that in order to best lead others one must understand themselves first.  There were three tenets that were mentioned in this TedTalk on self-leadership that I thought any parent/guardian could understand and apply themselves:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-reflection
  • Self-regulation

While all of these tenets resonated with me as I think about my own leadership role as a principal and a parent the one that really stood out to me was self-regulation.  Part of self-regulation is reframing issues that come up in order to determine the best course of action for one’s self and others.  I know I sometimes (often) react too quickly to things as a mom and only after the fact see a better path once I’ve taken time to understand my emotion and see clearly the issue.  Self-regulation is a valuable skill to ensure I can offer my best self to those around me.

Join Westlake and the PTO for the Dine-out this week!

Save the Date:  Our last Westlake Dine-Out night of the year will be at Your Pie on Tuesday, February 25 from 5-9pm.  No need to show a flyer or mention Westlake – 15% of all sales that night will go to our school.  Your Pie is located at 14342 Lincoln St, Thornton, CO, 80023.  Hope to see you there!

New Share Table in the Cafeteria

We are reaching out to let you know about something new in our school lunchroom.  Starting Wednesday, February 19th, we will have a Share Table available for students in the cafeteria.  The share table is for students who participate in the school lunch or breakfast program. Students can place whole fruit and unopened, packaged items on this table that they are not able to eat or that they don’t want to take with them. The share table will be located in the cafeteria and the food items will be available for other students to take at no cost.  This resource helps in two ways: 1) reduces the amount of food thrown away and eventually put in the landfill and 2) provides additional nutrients to other students. We are excited to provide this opportunity to our school community!  

If after finishing their breakfast or lunch your child wants more to eat, we invite you to encourage them to check the share table for items they may enjoy.  Due to allergy and food safety concerns, the share table can only be used to share items from the school meal program. Foods brought from home cannot be placed on the share table. Items with opened packages or partially eaten food products are also not allowed on the share table. If your child has a food allergy, we encourage you to talk to your child about the allergy and whether you would like them to utilize this new resource.

We want to avoid students taking extra food from the line for the purpose of sharing at the share table.  We ask that you talk to your child about the importance of sharing, but remind them to only take what they can eat.  

We hope that you will talk to your student(s) about our new share table. If you have any feedback, questions or concerns about the new share table, please contact me at 720-972-4194.

Opportunity for Parents/Guardians from Mental Health Partners

At Parent Teacher Conferences, the local Mental Health Partners had a flyer available for parents and guardians regarding an opportunity to attend a free suicide prevention training.  For more information please click HERE.


Upcoming Events

Click on each day to reveal the upcoming events.


  • High School Registration
  • Coding Club @ 3:45pm
  • Girl Power Club @ 3:45pm
  • Intramural Flag Football @ 3:45pm
  • Newspaper Club @ 3:45pm
  • Student Council Meeting @ 3:45pm


  • Mandarin Club @ 7:45pm
  • Intramural Flag Football@ 3:45pm
  • Math Counts @ 3:45pm
  • WEB Leader Meeting @4pm
  • Dine Out Tonight at Your Pie @ 5pm
  • 7/8th Orchestra Concert @ 6:30pm
  • Early Release Day
  • 7th Grade Jazz Band @ 7:30am
  • Intramural Flag Football @ 7:45am
  • Art Club 7:45am
  • 7th/8th Winter Choir Concert @ 6:30pm


  • Creative Writing Club @ 7:30am
  • GSA @ 3:45pm
  • NJHS @ 3:45pm
  • Disc Golf Club @ 3:45pm
  • 7th/8th Grade Winter Band Concert @ 6:30pm
  • Love and Logic Class in Spanish @  6pm


  • 8th Grade Jazz Band @ 7:30am
  • Drama Club/Theatre Tech Club @ 3:45pm
  • Film Club @ 4pm

Dr. Heide, Principal Westlake Middle School

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