May 13 2018

Week of 05.14.18

Westlake Parents and Guardians:

Friday’s Color Fun Run was a huge success!  Students enjoyed all the festivities of the event especially when the color blasts happened.  As students came back into the building after the Color Fun Run they were certainly covered in color and with lots of laughter and smiles.  Our school community certainly made lasting memories through this event!

A HUGE shout out to our wonderful PTO for putting on this very successful and fun event.  We are so grateful to have such a supportive and dedicated group of parents supporting our school community.  Thank you, Westlake PTO, for your hard work and effort around the Color Fun Run.

Wolverines Image Revealed

Our school community voted and the results are in for the main image to represent the WLMS Wolverines!  Students received an e-mail regarding this reveal at the end of last week so feel free to check out that communication as well. Thank you for your support through this process in identifying a new mascot and image.  Check out the student newspaper for an article about this process!


Meet the Music Department

Over a week ago I sent out a communication inviting parents and students to join us Monday at 6:30pm to meet the new music teachers to WLMS.  As you may recall, both Mr. Gill and Mr. Di Nuovo are retiring at the end of this school year.  We have hired a new Band teacher as well as a Choir teacher to join our current Orchestra teacher, Mrs. Dunford, in the WLMS Music Department.  Please join us for an informal meet and greet on Monday at 6:30pm to meet our music department.


End of Year Awards and Final Days Schedules

In just over a week we will be hosting the End of Awards for all grade levels.  Please note that as a district, middle schools no longer hold Continuation ceremonies for 8th grade.  However, parents/guardians are welcome to attend the Awards Ceremony.  Below is the schedule and time for the various awards and last days of school:

  • Monday May 21- All students @ school
    • 7th Grade Field Day
    • 8th Grade Swim Day
  • Tuesday May 22- No School for 6th and 7th Grades
    • 8th Grade Awards Ceremony @ 10am
  • Wednesday May 23rd- No School for 8th Grade; last day for 6th and 7th Grades
    • 7th Grade Awards Ceremony @ 8:45am
    • 6th Grade Awards Ceremony @ 12:50pm

Parent Survey Data

Thank you for providing your feedback and insights regarding our school and district processes.  Parents now have access to this information which can be found by following the link below.  We gained tremendous insight on how to improve at WLMS to provide your children and even better learning experience.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Parent Survey Access

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