October 22 2017

Week of 10.23.17

Westlake Parents and Guardians:

As I’m sure many of you as parents and guardians have experienced, I had a moment over the weekend with my own kids wondering if I am doing enough to teach them the skills they will need in the future to be successful, contributing citizens in our community.  If you’ve had the same moment as I have had countless times check out this resource from Parent Toolkit around helping your child to learn to take responsibility as well as the other many areas of resource throughout the Parent Toolkit website.  I hope you find something that will help you as I know I sure have!

Halloween Costume Guidelines and Reminders

At Westlake Middle School it has been a tradition to allow students and staff to wear appropriate costumes for Halloween.  This year, it is our intention to maintain the positive and fun spirit of this event. When selecting your costume, please show respect and consideration for the diverse cultures that make up our Westlake family. For example, it would be inappropriate to come to school dressed as a person from a different race or ethnicity, as it would be hurtful or offensive to others. While students are not required to wear costumes on Halloween, those students who do wish to participate are reminded of the following guidelines and reminders:

  1. Costumes that would otherwise violate the Student Dress Codes Policy (Superintendent Policy Code:  5060) will only be allowed if approved by an administrator prior to wearing to school.  For safety reasons, masks or makeup should not cover the student’s face in a manner that makes the student unrecognizable.  Masks or makeup that conceal student’s identity may be worn only during designated times such as during a costume contest.
  2. Toy or facsimile guns are not allowed.
  3. Other toy weapons (knives, swords, bats) should be pre-approved by administrators and are only allowable if the item is clearly a toy.
  4. Costumes that are overly graphic, promote violence or otherwise might logically be assumed to be offensive to others are not acceptable.
  5. Costumes that are sexually suggestive and would otherwise violate the school’s dress code are not appropriate.
  6. Costumes should not include items with sound effects, lights or other components which would disrupt the classroom learning environment.
  7. Regarding costumes that may not be clearly addressed by these guidelines, students should be instructed to have the costume pre-approved by an administrator prior to wearing to school.
  8. Costumes may not mock another student, faculty member, race, gender, religious or lifestyle preference.

Halloween Guidelines Addendum (RE:  Clown Costumes)

As you may recall, last year the Five Star District prohibited students and staff from wearing clown costumes on school grounds due to social media threats nationwide. Although we have not been made aware of any similar threats this year, district  leadership made the decision to leave this prohibition in the 2017 Halloween guidelines.  As always the safety and security of students and staff is our first priority, therefore students and staff are prohibited from wearing clown masks or costumes on school grounds. This adjustment was made in the best interest of the school community and creates a safe environment for students and staff at Halloween celebrations this year.

Keep in mind,  district and school leadership will reevaluate the guidelines each year and make adjustments as needed to ensure a safe celebration for the entire school community. Students who violate or are suspected to be in violation of this policy will be referred to school administration.

Join us for Culture Club’s first community event!

Latino/Latina Heritage Celebration

Westlake Middle School’s Culture Club would like to invite you to participate in our first of many cultural events for our school community.  This first event will focus on celebrating and learning about Latino/Latina heritage.  The goal is to give our school community a first hand experience with the various cultures that make up our school community.  Students will receive a passport book for their “travels” through the various cultures through the year with stamps for the countries they visited. Please join us October 25th from 6pm-8pm for this exciting opportunity to come together as a community and learn about one another. Come experience “Bread Around the World” with us at our first of many cultural events.

If you are interested in sharing your Latino/Latina heritage through sharing a cultural tradition, cuisine, art work, performance, or by any other means please contact Veronica Martinez at veronica.martinez@adams12.org or Rosie Fryhover at rosemarie.fryhover@adams12.org.

Opportunity for Part-time work

Are you looking for part-time work as well as ways to be involved at Westlake Middle School?  Then the check out the Student Monitor position we have available currently at Westlake.  Follow this link to access the job posting for more information as well as to apply.  If you have any questions please call Dr. Heide at 720.972.5200 or e-mail rachel.e.heide@adams12.org.  Come join the Westlake team!


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